How protection disk so that data can not be in the pirate to Remove avilabel disk

How to change the windows registery so that data in the notebook / pc you did not plow in offhand by friend / person who is not responsible for the flash / other media storage without you. was working well and has no side effects. This works for Windows OS SP1, SP2, SP3 and Vista. I have to try it please. the steps as follows:

1. click start>> run type regedit
2. Then search HKEY_LOCALMACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control
3. CONTROL in the folder, right click -> New-> Key
namain hold that new folder -> "StorageDevicePolicies"
4. next in the folder "StorageDevicePolicies", Right click> New> Dword (32-bit)
5. next key is that new namain: "WriteProtect"
6. 2x Key WriteProtect click it, change the Value Data are 1 so
7. Restart the PC / notebook you

To restore it back into your normal live edit any of the Data Value register key to the "WriteProtect" so that 0 (zero.

Oke I hop this tips tricks can be useful for You.

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