How to maximize IDM Software

For those of you who like to download via the Internet and use software such as Internet support Download Manager (IDM), FlashGet, Download Accelerator, or what you are good. But here I only discuss how to maximize the use Softare Download IDM.

Yes, but many may already know these tips and triks, but have also not yet know how to maximize the tool's this. Want to know how to make software memaksilkannya Internet Download Manager (IDM). Yuk follow the steps

1. For those of you who have not yet IDM Software will be looking on the internet.
2. After instalkan download software to your PC / Laptop you, but you have to download full in other words all Patch / cracksnya also in the pacth / craks two file names and file IDMan ² RegKey both in its copy and paste.
3. After installation is complete you open patch / cracks and paste a copy in this folder
NB: But before the patch / crack I try turn off IDMnya first icon located in the bottom corner of the day C: \ Program Files \ Internet Download Manager
4. After the two files tercopy step further open the file named RegKey press Yes.
5. after all now live setting complete the next step.

Now open software Internet Download Manager (IDM) Download menu and select Options and click the General Options there select which browser you use only Internet Expoler eg / Mozilla Firefox and the sebagainya.Setelah Click Connections in the Connection Type / Speed select the Lan 10Mbs Default ago
Max conn Nummber select 16.

A few additional tips for you : I right-click on the icon of IDM in lower right corner (next day usually in windows xp) and select the speed limiter, there are 2 options, select the turn on. To select how to maximize the settings below and enter how much you want kbps download speed / sec.Defaultya 10

Okay here to preview and tips triknya

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