How to Open a file format. Docx

For users Microsoft Office version to be sure must be confused to do so can open the file. Docx. Given that this format can be opened only in Ms-Word version of the new or in other words Ms-Office 2007. So what can we do to be able to keep the file to open it?

Docx is the new standard file format for Microsoft Word 2007, and even Microsoft is also making. Xlsx for Excel 2007 and pptx for PowerPoint 2007. Microsoft may be thinking that by making this standard format, all people will be upgrading to the version of Ms-Office 2007 all. But I prefer to use Ms-Offce version of the latest version.
Indeed, Ms-Office features flexsibel we live once and click the tab on the taskbar menu that is not over as in the earlier version. If you have such a shape file. Docx you do not have kuwatir because you can download conveter to open the file, but for that you need to download the software support is below:

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack
Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for the version of Office users, so that we can view and edit Office 2007 formats such as docx, xlsx and pptx. Compatibility pack is free and sizeable small (30MB) aja kok. We can download this through microsoft.

OpenOffice 3
OpenOffice 3 can be used only to view docx. So it is not possible to edit and save files in the same format. We can only open a docx file to view.

Converter. Docxke. Doc using Zamzar
Zamzar is an online service to convert to different file formats such as docx (and pptx and xlsx). Unfortunately this service we need your email address to receive the results of convert-annya.

Firefox Plugin for. Docx
Of this firefox plugin called OpenXML viewer. OpenXML viewer is a viewer for docx file and can open docx files in Firefox as HTML files. Of course, we can not edit the file but if you see all the files that we want, this may be one of the easiest solutions.

To install the plugin, can be downloaded from the website and then unzip. By using Firefox, open the. Xpi file (File-> Open) and install the plugin. we will be asked to restart Firefox, and after we restart, new plugins will be easier for us to see the file format. docx.
For your user Ms-Office 2007 you should change the file extensionnya at the time you want to save the file document is as follows:

* Click the File menu and select save as and select the support for the older version. Doc (Ms-Office 97, 2000, 2003)
* Or you can activate the Ms-Office 2007 you permanently, for this one you must first set up in penggaturan Ms-Office 2007, and is as follows: Click on tools - options menu and select save, save in the menu will have a format. Doc (File format compatible to support the Ms-Office 2000 and 2003)

Hopefully these tips and tricks beneficial for you.

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