Securing Hotspot Connection Software With Free Air Personal Defense

One again you need to have if you love browsing the Internet using the facilities Hotspot, if you like with the Hotspot konesi in Restaurant, Hotel, cafe or anywhere that provides Hotspot.

SECURITY Hot Spot: If you want to use the Hotspot safely without interference with the other party Software Air Defense Personal internet you can play without interruption when using fasilias free hotspot.

Hotspot Access free safety is very vulnerable. Many of the slit can be used by the fraudulent hackers like to "penetrate" to Notebook without us we realize.

For that we need to protect themselves (Notebook) from the attack is secretly install software that is with the hotspot. One of the free software to secure connections create a hotspot that I find works is Air Defense Personal software you can download here.

" AirDefense Personal is a software agent that runs on Windows Notebook and monitors for malicious or accidental wireless activity and wireless mis-configurations that may cause security exposures or policy violations.

The AirDefense Personal agent offers protection from a broad and growing set of new risks that directly target vulnerable wireless users and unobtrusively notifies the user when risky activity occurs "

If the software you want to be in insatall you have to install Windows already supports Service Pack 2

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