Software Resetter Printer Canon Pixma

How to Resetter Printer Pixma Ip 1900 Series with the Software Resetter Pixma Ip 1800 Series?

If your printer Blink orange color usually there are 2 possibilities that you need to do that is:

1. Problems in the Catrigde: To determine whether Catrigde is really in trouble or not you can borrow with a friend, relative, or anyone you know. When the correct Catrigde is damaged, you can directly replace.
2. Problems of this type of printer should ask in return is usually reset at the time multiple print several thousand pieces process print.

To Resetter steps you can use the manual way, do the following
* Turn off the printer, and pull the electrical cable.
* Press and hold POWER button on the printer by using the index finger.
* Replace the electrical cable but still the index finger
Power button.
* Use the middle finger to press the Resume button as much as 2x.
* Remove your index finger from the button POWER. The printer will be detected again as a new printer or light the orange led was back again as the led light is green again.
* You have completed the first phase to reset Ink Tank Full.

How to use the manual system, in this way can not be completed because of problems in the power cable on the loose and we would definitely use again led the Orange will be back again. If the printer you want to work as you have to use the Software Resetter.

To use Software Resetter you can use Resetter for Canon Pixma Ip 1800 Series, for that you can follow the following steps:

1. You use the manual way first so that the printer can identify the port by your computer, for that you follow the above first.
2. After a successful manual if you have not yet Resetter Software you can Download here.
3. Once your software is already extract.
4. The next step you open Resetter Ip 1800 Series is the earlier you earlier and then click Extract files GeneralTool click 2x Usb port with the printer is recognized by the Software.
5. The next step you click the Device Id.
6. Then check on the Cleaning and EEPROM Clear.
7. Next you click the Test Pattern 1 leave for the process running, if the indicator light will indicate the color Orange led you press the button as much as 2 x Resume ago leave until there is no process at all. If it is less sure you can click the Test Pattern 2 with a sheet of paper up in the printer is, why you should have on paper for the printer at the time of the Test Pattern 1, 2 and 3 indicator lights will turn on the color Orange have already indicated whether or not paper when there is no paper you can use the Resume button 2x to skip the print process.

Important Note: We recommend you use the Software Resetter type 1800 Series to their type of type Printer Canon Pixma Ip 1900 Series let alone until you press the type Ip 1800 Printer Driver then you will be changed in accordance with that before you select the driver was the Canon Pixma Ip 1900 series will be changed to Canon Pixma Ip 1800 Series with the other words are no longer fit the original brand.

A little extra: Resetter such a process is finished you turn off the printer and hold power cable let loose a few seconds ago you back Plug power cable and then you turn to leave again led indicator lights green. You can use the printer. When the print process led lights showed green color orange, and alternately in the monitor showed that the cartridge (Black or color) you can overcome your problem by pressing the button Resume for 3-5 seconds then release let the process run until finished.

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HAPIA Mesir said...

waduh....jadi ngingetin q soal printer....ehehe...

udah dari dulu mau beli printer cuma g sampe2 sob......

Fe said...

same problem as my printer, it says the cartridge is not properly installed and the orange light keeps blinking... i give up for it already, i used that printer for just 7 months and it break fast..my printer is in the junk now...

noe said...

buat canon pixma iP1980 bisa ngga sob......numpang download ya sob.....


Anonymous said...

my printer is IP1980 and was purchased 2 months ago. my problem is that it doesn’t turn on anymore. it seems that its power is no longer functioning. what can possibly be done about it? i sent it to a technician i know but he says he’s still researching on how to make it turn on again. hope you can help….

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