Registry Tweaks for Windows 7

Although Os "Windows 7" is very fast and reliable than the preceding rillis Windows Vista, but there are some internal settings that you do have to be Windows 7 so you can walk more and optimal system performance is also running for the stable that you have to do is to add a script called registry tweak Windows 7.

You only need to download a ZIP file, then extract and run the file. He will ask for confirmation, accept it. Restart your system to influence and you will surely affect the tweaking.

If you're concerned about what damage the registry script is your Windows system files, so here I will give an explanation and how to use Registry Tweaks for Windows 7 below:

* Adds "Copy To" and "Move to" file and folder options in the context menu, so you can easily copy and move them to another location.
* Sets Windows to automatically end tasks that either program to take longer than expected to exit.
* Menu show a decrease in delay time, it will display the sub-menu when you quickly select the parent.
* Turn off the low disk space check, so you will not get annoying low disk space notification in system tray.
* Sets Windows to not waste time in searching for a program that no longer exist in your system when you try to open the shortcut it.
* Turn off the "search on the Internet" prompt "Open with" window so that direct the list of programs.
* Speed up the Explorer navigation.
* Adds "Take Ownership" option files and folders in the context menu, so you can easily take ownership of files and folders in case that will replace them for the purpose of customization.

Now if you are satisfied with the explanation above, do not hesitate to apply this script. I assure you it'll not harm your system in safe condition and have been really implemented.

Download Registry Script To Windows 7

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