Utilizing System32 on Windows to clean up RAM without having to restart the PC or Notebook us.

Pc or Notebook you feel at the slow process of running a particular program. This is the process of the application programs that we run are still in the RAM or going idle process. Most of us often have certain things such as the one-way and certainly we stunya restart or Shutdown Pc or Notebook, than we fuss actually have to restart the easy way without having to restart, you can follow simple tips triks like the following :

1. Click the right mouse on the desktop, select New - Shortcut.
2. Type %windir%\system32\rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks. Or you can copy and paste the code without the dot at the end of the word ProcessIdleTasks
3. Then click Next.
4. Then give the shortcut a name you according to the taste as well as with the icon.
5. Click Finish.

Whenever the PC or Notebook feels slow, you can run the shortcut that you created earlier. By using the Shortcut that you have created on your desktop does not need any software to use software such as RAM Booster and others to overcome problems on the PC or Notebook when you are experiencing a slow process.

In fact there are many more benefits that are in Windows itself if we want to learn learn more about the Windows software that is either in the Registry "msconfig" and also on the C:\WINDOWS\system32, which should we add or delete us if we know a lot of about any situation that needs to change, but if you do not know more about the Registry should never change your existing order, but would like to try if there is a risk that you must own responsibility that is at most a PC or Notebook to be installed back.

Congratulations can be useful to try a nice tips and tricks is simple.

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