Secret behind the Tune Up to speed on Windows Vista performance

Windows Vista is running slow or you do not look 'user friendly' in the loading process is not like the output in Windows XP. Perhaps info and tips triks this time you can change the view of the product on Windows Vista.

WILL we do here from the start set the logon screen, window manager, font and icon, and the Aero. Some of them require that you have Administrator access rights, and little change in the Registry, so make sure you have the required permissions and back-up your Registry first if it is necessary when changes occur in the Registry when you edit a fatal error occurs and you can restore Regisrty original.

To shorten the time we start it and Info tipstriks secret behind the performance in Windows Vista, so you can follow the tips below :

1. Set the logon screen

For you who looking for ways to manage the touch interface of Windows Vista, there is no more than the default logon screen every time you turn on the computer, or lock the workstation. Fortunately, the people at Stardock have created Utilities free to change the logon screen with the wallpaper you want.

All you need to do is download and install the Utilities, and click the Apply button to view the changes. (Your computer will be locked, so you must use your password to open it).

Utilities is easy to use. Just click on the entry list, and use the Apply button to select it. Download button will take you to the logon screen on WinCustomize. You also can click on the Create button and select the desired image. For example, if you want the logon screen is the same as the desktop wallpaper, just select the wallpaper with the Browser button. You can save the wallpaper as a logon screen and share with others in the WinCustomize.

2. Enable Hidden Boot Screen

Windows Vista boot screen does not mean anything, but Microsoft decided to hide the boot screen the more interesting, which is called "Aurora." If you want to boot screen better, you can see how creating a logo at the next boot.

All you need to do is type mscon? G Search box on the Start menu, and then press Enter. Click the Boot tab, and then check No GUI Boot. Press OK and reboot the computer. You will soon see the new boot screen.

3. Create Boot Logo

If you are a Modi? kator desktop, one of the first things you want to know is how to change the boot logo. Utilities There are small that you can use to create the boot logo. First you need to do is a down-load Utilities Vista Boot Logo Generator, we will use to create an image of the logo you want.

Once installed, make sure you run the application as Administrator. We have to choose? Le logo is appropriate. If you Linux fans, for example, select the image Tux. Select two versions of the image, a 800x600 with 24-bit color, and a 1024x768 with the same color depth. Both? Le format must be in Bitmap (BMP). Save? Le in a place, because we have not been able to copy directly to the directory concerned, prior to taking ownership?

To take ownership files, you must open a Administrator command prompt (type cmd in the Start menu Search box, and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter), and then run the following command : takeown / f C:\Windows\System32\en-US\winload.exe.mui. Now run the following command (replace the mountain with your username) : cacls C:\Windows\System32\en-US\winload.exe.mui/ mountain G: F. Copy? Le that you create in the directory C:\Windows\system32\en-US\directory. Make sure you change? Le Existing. Check ([1]) No GUI Boot, and then reboot your computer.

5. Enlarge the size of Taskbar Preview

ThumbnailSizer Vista allows you to zoom in taskbar preview size to the size you want. You can even make animated. Vista is an interesting ThumbnailSizer meggunakan engine that is in Vista, so if you play the video, the video is still running on the thumbnail. All you need to do is download, unzip, run the application, set the size you want, and its impact immediately visible. Utilities is a lot of contact with the internal explorer.exe, so own responsibility risks.

There are several requirements that this software works. Software must be run with the privileged with the same explorer.exe, and must be run Aero. Taskbar preview only works if the Aero-enable, so they should not work on Windows Vista Basic.

Effect so that this happens every time you restart the computer, to copy in a Utilities folder, and then create a shortcut to the startup menu (with the switch-hide). To go to Startup folder with the fast, open Windows Explorer and copy the following address to the Address bar:% APPDATA% \Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. Create a shortcut, and then open its properties. Add-hide to the end of the Target line.

6. Cloning Expose the Mac OS X

Expose is an application on Mac OS X that spread all the windows open, so you can quickly choose between them. Now there is an application cloning Expose for Vista called MyExpose. Not only that, this application is also open source, so if you want to develop.

To install this application, you must run the setup and also the Visual C++ redistributable (if you already have Visual Studio, this is not necessary). Once installed, press F9, and you will immediately see the tile view. If you are playing videos, it will still run in the tile view. If you pindahkah mouse to upper left corner of the screen, it automatically will be spread all windows. You can mengon? Gurasi hotspot or through a hotkey tray icon. There is one? Tour that is not owned MyExpose from the Mac version it is only spread an application window that opens.

The cloning called Expose Switcher. You may not foreign to her again because quite some time already circulating. You can move from Tile View (default) to the Dock View, which displays the active window bigger. Display the default settings provide the option of general use, but you can open the Advanced settings screen to change anything you want. Shortcut key is the default Windows + Tab, but you can change it if you want to use the other.

7. Refine Font

If you just buy a computer that has Windows Vista installed and the font you look ugly, especially at the time of browsing the Internet, it can be shut off because the manufacturer rarefaction font settings. To ensure in-enable ClearType, you must open the Appearance Settings dialog box of the day. Right click desktop and select Personalize. Next, click the Window Color and Appearance. If the Aero-enable, you should click the Open classic appearance properties for more color options. Click on Effects and make sure the enable ClearType.

8. Tune up ClearType

Many people who do not like ClearType in Windows Vista, and find ways to change these settings is better. You have two options: (i) mendisable or you can enable ClearType (if you still use a CRT monitor, you should not use ClearType). (ii) Installing the ClearType Tuner PowerToy for XP (which can be used in Vista, though not so called).

After downloading the program and run the installation setup, you will get error messages that can be ignored. If you are worried, you can create a restore point. After the installation is finished, he immediately run the wizard. If not, or you want to reopen ClearType Tuning wizard, open the Control Panel and click Appearance and Personalization. You will see the ClearType Tuning in situ.

You can use a wizard or you can click the Advanced tab to change the settings directly. Default is 1.2 but you may want to brighter or darker. When you're finished doing tuning, you must close and reopen the window that opens so that the new changes in effect.

9. Disable Shortcut Icon arrows

Shortcut icon in Windows Vista have a big arrow in front of it. If you are concerned with the desktop display, you may not want to see these arrows. You can download a small free Utilities called Vista Shortcut overlay remover which will make it easier for you to remove the shortcut arrows without having to change the registry.

10. Hide Desktop Icon Text

Some of the icon is quite clear that there are no people who need the text below to see what icon for it. One example is Internet Explorer icon. We all already know, so the text just makes it ugly.

Right click shortcut and select Rename. Now hold Alt key and type 255 on the keypad to the right of the keyboard. You can not use the number keys on the top of the keyboard, they will not work. If you have a laptop, turn on numlock and then use a small number on regular letter key. For the first shortcut on the desktop, the keys Alt +255 is sufficient. For the next shortcut, you must be a memasuk-key combination twice (Alt +255, Alt +255). For the third, 3 times ... and so on.

Alt +255 character is blank, so the shortcut is actually replaced with blank characters. Because you can not have two shortcuts with the same name, the second shortcut is named with two blank characters. Now display desktop icon looks more interesting, without the text underneath. In fact this can be done in all versions of Windows, but better in Windows Vista because it has a beautiful icon.

11. Reducing the Window Border

Windows Vista by default has a large border, perhaps to show transparency. If the border is like a smaller, you can change it. Right-click your desktop and select Personalize. Then click Window Color and Appearance. If the Aero-enable, you should click the Open classic appearance properties for more color options. Click Advanced, and then change the Border Padding. Default is set to 4. You can change it to zero.

12. Running Slow movement

This is not very useful, but you can memamerkannya to a friend. You can do animation slow movement that is only running if you hold the Shift key when damp/restore/close/open the window. This only works if you're running Windows Aero. Create a DWORD Value called Animations and AnimationsShiftKey to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Dwm and give it the value 1.

Reboot to see the effect, or you can open a Administrator command prompt by typing cmd to the Start menu Search box, and then press the Ctrl + Shift + Enter. Restart Desktop Window Manager with the following two commands: net stop uxsms, and net start uxsms. Now you can see the animation slow movement at the time of holding the Shift key when the decrease or restore the window.

13. Disable Aero

Windows Vista Aero interface will only work if you have high-performance video card. For those who have it so, you can disable Aero-men. Or you may also have performance reasons, so should men-disable Aero. To do so, right-click the desktop and select Personalize. Next, click the Window Color and Appearance. Click Open classic appearance properties for more color options. You can disable the entire men-Aero color patterns to choose Windows Vista Basic.

14. Disable Flip3D

Flip3D is? a tour of at least useful in Windows Vista. More slowly from the Alt + Tab and downright useless from any side. You better use cloning Expose (MyExpose, Switcher, etc.) or you can be men-disable? This tour. Create a DWORD Value named DisallowFlip3d to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Dwm and give it the value 1.

Next, open the Administrator command prompt by typing cmd to the Start menu Search box, and then press the Ctrl+Shift+ Enter. Run the following command to restart Desktop Window Manager: uxsms net stop, net start uxsms ago. To enable more Flip3D, extracts? Le zip to your hard disk and then click ganda EnableFlip3D.reg to enter information into the Registry, and then restart the Desktop Window Manager.

15. Benchmark 3D view Hidden

Windows Vista Utilities have used to measure your system called the System Assessment Tool. Unknown by many people is that you can run it from the command line and see a 3D benchmark. You can use a regular command prompt, but it would be better if you use the administrator command prompt. Aero-akan in temporarily disable a test run before, but do not worry, it will be enable again later.

Try some of the following command to view them on your computer: (i) winsat aurora. (ii) winsat d3d-texshader-totalobj 15. (iii) winsat d3d-objs C (20)-texshader-totalobj 50. (iv) winsat d3d-objs C (20)-texshader-totalobj 50. (v) winsat d3d-totalobj 20-objs C (20)-totaltex 10-texpobj C (1)-alushader-noalpha-v-time 10. (vi) winsat d3d-totalobj 20-objs C (20)-totaltex 10-texpobj C (10)-alushader-v-time 10. You can set the command if you want to get different combinations.

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