Facebook Tip: Can not Write on Wall or Comment on Facebook ?

What makes us comfortable and fun to use facebook one of them is a feature wall, where we can write our hearts content or just a mild comment on the wall the other person or otherwise, but what if you suddenly can not write on the wall the other people and other people can not write on our wall ?

If other people can not write on our wall, we must first check the settings of the Profile Privacy us, who knows we inadvertently have to Turn Off the wall profile function we thus make people can not write a comment on the wall. Access way into the Settings menu on Privacy Settings and click Profile, then search for Wall post, make sure you give the checklist on the "Friends may post to my Wall" and determine who can write on your Wall.
But what if it functions in Profile Wall fesbuk we do have in-enabled but still others can not write on our wall? There may indeed feature in the Wall has been in our facebook-disable by Facebook ? the reason being that we are over the limit or limits of which have been determined by Facebook.

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Ranganath said...

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