Avira Premium Security Full Version

Antivir premium different from the version of Antivir Free, anti virus so this is perfect for the internet user, but this can only be used at least Windows Xp over. For those of you who want to download I have provided links to download plus licensinya.

NOW, The superiority of this software can merepair files infected by the virus. For which you would like to try please download here:

1. Download Antivir and Premium licensinya here. Antivir Download code here and Downlaod here Licensi Antivir Valid until 2011.

2. Extract the files using winrar a folder so if you do not have any winrar software you can download here.

3. Then install on your computer.

4. At the time the installation will ask to run code licensinya see how you can enter the code in the image below.

* Enter the code Step hbedv.key you click on the image that I marked.
* After that will come out the dialog box (browser) you live a double click this file HBEDV.KEY
If such has been successful in entering the exit code as the image

To indenfikasi at the time of the scan also different from the Free, that if this
indenfikasi at the time of the scan is complete, or in other words this software
dekteksi virusnya end of the new process we choose to live all the repair or cancel any time you see a normal image in the example below step end of the scan process.

Bonus for your activation code windows AllXp and Vista

For Key

It would simply relate the first time is the night, I end up here if there is questions fill in the boxes that have been provided, thanks for your participation on the blog it.

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