Track IP Address in yahoo messenger

For those of you who like to chat using Yahoo Messenger ip you can see the opponent as we chat in Mirc but the difference between YM and Mirc quite different. Want to know how to track back our opponent Chatting so follow the steps below:

1. If we stay within the Mirc click Nick / Id opponent we select will then appear Whoise Ip is the opponent we used.

2. If the Yahoo Messenger we must send a file on the opponent we chat.
Then we have to enter dos promt or Command Prompt and type in Ms-dos as this netstat-N and press enter, then discovered how Nomer IP opponent chat will appear with its port that is used for sending files. To find out the location of your opponent chat (real address) as it is located on campus and in the cafe where, living in your checks WebSite using the IP address you get Searched.

Okay the first time this tips

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