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For you windows xp users have certainly been the message out windows virtual memory low, why be like that? due to many factors that affect the performance of windows xp on one of them is due to memory or by ram on your pc is less one of the causes of the occurrence of such a message out.

Another factor is because too many software installed on your Pc the software may not be too that you should use to dispose of your software that are considered not too important in your Pc. But if you still want to maintain is not anything that you can use the following tips:

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1. If you have any budget Upgrage memory you should have a greater than before.
2. You do not have such a budget to try the following ways:
* Right-click My Computer select Properties (you can click through the Star -> Settings -> Control panel -> select System) after you exit the menu click Advanced ago in Performance click Settings select the Adjust for best performance, select the Use the drop Shadows for icon labels on the desktop that you choose. Then click the Advances in the Performance Options click the menu you are Virtual memory input value Initial size (MB) in 1024 and the Maximum size (MB) 2048 (Tip only this specific user memory standard on the 128 Mb or if memory for the user but still high experience things like that you can use these tips but you have to change the size value in the Virtual memory size with the existing elevated) that have been set click click Ok, Apply Then Ok again. Or you can click through the star -> Settings -> Control panel -> select System.

A little extra: If you just install windows it's good you turn off system restore and remote, but if you do not want to use the remote control desktop still lying in the System Properties and turn off all the features Online update on windows update windows as you put online are in the Control panel -- > Administrative Tools select the Service, remember that only in nonaktive is not used only later there have any information that is not considered important.

Okay so first I hope this info can be useful for you all.

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