How to Create Gif With Adobe Photo Shop

Actually a lot of software to create animation (Gif Files-shaped), but I will be using software that already exists, namely Adobe Photoshop.

If you want to see the original file, please donwload the link I have provided below:

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May have been many who have menggenal software and even many who already understand but for those of you want to learn please learn. here I will make a written. For the Adobe photoshop software can usually be mastered in the field of making Web design, software is simply software that is common to certain corpulent professional animation software to use the modern. If it interests you please follow the following steps:
1. Open the Adobe Photoshop software of course, the computer that has not been installed, please install first if you do not have the software you can borrow a friend to have.
2. Adobe PS after you click open the file -> New -> size out there we will make later on, we just take the example eg: 125 pixels wide x 50 pixels long is just an example.
NB: for the size you can use cm or whatever, but that can be used in the scale size of pixels.
3. after that size before we make our live show is filled with words that we will be in the box buat.Pilih the symbol simbolnya for any posts lambangnya (T), we Q for the color of your choice as you would like to wear what color as well as the letter, here I will write the adobe photoshop. But I will pisah adobe photoshop writings into two parts one above and one under any posts in adobe then we will need a layer to photoshop any posts that will be placed under any posts persih adobe.
4. To create a layer you click the menu layer -> select new -> click the layer or you can use the keys on your keyboard and press Ctrl Shift N. After a new layer made us write a new layer in Photoshop. To avoid binggung should we distinguish colors. For the effect we can add but I will study at a later time.
5. Once all is ready, we live to create a file animasinya step is as follows:
* For your pemakai Adobe Photoshop 7 and Adobe photoshop Cs usual:
Click the Jump to menu Image ready is persih most under Tools in the Box, or you can also click on the file -> select the menu Jump To> Adobe ImageReady 7.0 (in Photoshop 7). For your users Adobe Ps Cs ordinary click File> Edit in Image Ready (in Photoshop CS).
For your user version of Adobe Photoshop Cs 3 or above click mwnu your windows and select the Animation you live or press F7 on your keyboard.
6. If you are signed in Adobe ImageReady will then appear the file / image that is already before we make.

View image

There still exists a frame then we need to create a more freme so that we can create a file for the animation click the box that we have the key play, stop ...
binggung okay if you see a picture that I give the frame any posts that you must click to create a new frame

I like the picture above is freme create a new one I Freme content Adobe only one frame with the contents of my adobe photoshop. To have any posts separate one that you try other tools box and click sign there eyes it will be visible where the aktive and where the image will be lost in the frame.
7. For the time you live in the appropriate settings you prefer.
8. If penggaturannaya already finished all of your save lives
* To save the file that you make before you click the file -> select save optimized as you or your keyboard press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S

Note: For the layer you can make whatever you want depending on how many have a mix of image and text files that you will make many more pictures and text so you also need the same number of frames.

The first to create animation with adobe photoshop. congratulations to try you with the results of the creation of better. See you at another time.

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