Is the sign of a screwdriver and pliers

Maybe this tutorial is a lot, but what if one or more a reminder that even many not know what more as a beginner I learned a new blog. Actually marks a screwdriver and pliers on the blog there is no difference between good and there is still removed, but most want to be a possible marker,

caused by the comfortable existence of the marker. For those of you who want to sign a screwdriver and pliers, follow the steps below:

1. Login to blogger with ID / user name you in your blog.
2. Then click Layout.
3. Click Edit HTML tab.
4. Find the code like this:

]]> /b: skin>

5. Copy and paste the code below exactly in the top of the code that is above
* To find the code on no.4 steps you can do like this:
- Click the edit menu in your browser go find the menu or you can press F3 on the Browser ago when what will you find or copy and paste. Then copy and paste the code below this place the above the code in step no.4

. quickedit (
display: none;

6. Then click the Save button template.
7. Done.

Is the sign of a screwdriver and pliers on the blog you are finished you try to check the blog if you sign pliers screwdriver dang already lost. Easy way is.

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