Login ID YM with 2 or more

Make your love a chat using Yahoo messenger in one computer to log in yahoo messenger with two different User Id in time with me, never feel berebutan for use with ym friend a room of the house or the person, who usually win the first begin or more senior must be the first, but now calm has not only fight again if the computer would make the message but now the difference between your current conquest using mouse or keyboard.

with some changes in our computer registry, then we can mensiasati yahoo messenger so that we in the PC be in use for 2 different yahoo ID at the same time.

You are interested, or want to know how to follow the steps as follows:

1. Click Start => Run => regedit
2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER => Software => Yahoo => pager => test
3. On the right, right-click => New => DWORD value
4. Plural name and press enter 2 times and give the value 1
After that, try to open a new YM, content ID with others, the road is 2 YM with 2 ID at a time of course in a different computer.

Hopefully helpful and happy to chat with id of two or more in one pc you.

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