Changing your Domain Blog domain into Co.Cc

If you use a service like blogspot free website and so on and you want to be different with the name of your blog you can use a domain name like this: http://www.namabloganda.co.cc or domain http://www.namabloganda.tk you do not need to wait for too long time to register. But I only post about Domain co.cc only, If you are interested please follow the steps below?
Follow the steps below:

Domain co.cc open and click on the Create an account now / Create new acount after click Create an account now akan out the fields that you must follow the course content or that you must fill in all would be filled not a problem, specifically that this should fill your blog miasal Homepage URL:

After all filled with the true you check I accept the Terms of Service, and click Create an account now. Then out akan Getting A New Domain << you just click follow the next steps,

Then click check out the availability www.namabloganda.co.cc is already registered the name means the blog has a search you have more domain names that match a Co.cc you out until later that your domain name Free Or $ 0, and then click continue to registration after that you will be prompted to click setup

To step up the domain you select Co.cc just click setup co.cc there are 3 options that you select the option No.3 URL Forwarding that you must click on the blog ago fill what you say, page title / title of your blog is,

Nb: for Frame: there are 2 options Path Forwarding (Display real address) and Hiding (Hide real address) you take this course Hiding (Hide real address).
Description and keywords for your content with appropriate keyword and Description diblog anda.Setelah click the setup then change your outgoing akan has been submitted you live click ok then your domain has changed to be a co.cc easy process does not need to wait 48 hours for domain mengaktivekan co.cc you.

Okay the tutorial blog Changing your Domain Blog domain menajdi Co.Cc

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