20 Tips & Tricks to avoid damage LAPTOP

I very sure you do with your laptop, if you are very dear to the Lapton you should you need to consider Tips & Tricks below:

1. Keep your laptop out of the strong magnetic fields, the liquid heat source and / or cold temperature changes esktrim.
2. Avoid direct sunlight and ensure that the laptop is always placed on the surface of the flat.
3. According to the survey, the most damage to a laptop on the hard drive of the LCD display and / layer. Hardisk result of damage or drop. LCD damage is usually due to exposure to sunlight and physical pressure.
4. Rapikanlah cable-adapter cable or cables that are connected with your laptop
5. Apart from the damage hard drives and LCD, liquid flow is the cause of the most common laptop. Use a sheet of transparent film called 'keyboard protector'.
6. Vibration is the enemy of the other laptop. Keep your laptop from the megaphone, for example, loudspeaker, engine / vehicle weight, vibration and other sources.
7. Avoid your laptop from the x-ray diffraction at the airport.
8. Keep your laptop hygiene, clean cloth with a cloth that is free of dust.
9. Protect your laptop modem. Use the modem has a feature that the digital-line guard. Because of this feature will keep your modem from damage if you accidentally mencolokkan jack cable modem to a digital PABX telephone line or ISDN.
10. In Asia the climate, the temperature is so humid that a major problem for the laptop that is designed in the United States. To reduce the possibility of a problem, make sure your laptop stored in a dry and cool. If the laptop is not used for a long time, keep the laptop in case the meeting and enter Silica gel. Silica gel is a chemical that is Higroskopis (absorb moisture / humidity).
11. Electricity and suppressed interference voltage can occur at any time, your home, dikamar hotel or in the office. If possible, use 'surge-protector' if you are using the AC outlet.
12. Always use a laptop bag when travel.
13. If you want to conceal or laptop to be sent for other purposes, use a strong protective box, and bungkuslah with spons or foam that can absorb the vibration.
14. Do not occasionally put heavy objects on a laptop.
15. If your laptop happens problematic, do not try to disassemble your own laptop. Should submit to the engineers or the nearest service center.
16. When will the laptops that are currently open, do not hold him while on the display / layer, lift on the bottom / keyboard.
17. Do not insert the diskette in the sudutnya. Insert a floppy half damage to the disk-drive. Similarly when open or close the drive tray CD-ROM/DVD-ROM to include or exclude a disk. Do not touch the lens on the CD-ROM tray. You need to hold the compact-disc on the sidewalk, not on the surface of the disk.
18. Do not mencolokkan cable modem on the laptop PBX (private branch exchange) or digital phone lines. Laptops you can only use the channel PSTN (public-switched telephone network). The use of telephone lines than PSTN can damage the laptop modem.
19. Keep the laptop from a small child.
20. Rawatlah laptop battery until you do not leak because it can damage the battery slot.

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