Tips and Triks light on Microsoft Excel Program

Number on the Excel program from Microsoft is enough to make a headache for not using it, including my own a bit confusing. But after I try to get there, here I finally understand a little about Ms-Excel, there are a few tips and tricks that make you want to try it out. So you also know about Excel, must take a long time you will be and also to even like you, the steps are very simple if you just want to know how we start making them. Follow the steps below:

1. How to Add Date and Time

To add a date in the cell, press [Ctrl] while pressing Colon / semicolon. They also add to the time, press [Ctrl] + [Shift] while pressing Colon / semicolon.

2. How Changing Tab Color

You can change the color tab in the Excel spreadsheet. Click the tab that's how akan colored, and then select the [Format] [Sheet] [Color Tab]. Specify the color of your interest and click [OK].

3. How to Hide Sheet

You can hide the Excel worksheet to the sheet that appears on the screen. Highlight Sheet is hidden akan select [Format] [Sheet] [Hide]. To display again click [Unhide].

4. Clearing the way Formats

To clean up the format in Excel spreadsheet, highlight the cell that will be changed and select [Edit] [Clear] [Formats].

5. How Monitoring Cell

Use the Watch window to monitor the cell in another Workbook. To add a cell to the Watch Window, right-click on the mouse and select Cell, and select [Add Watch]. You can set the Watch Window position above or below the standard Excel toolbar suit you.

6. Adding to Quotes

At Excel, we can identify the stock symbol and fetch stock quotes using MSN Money Central Investor. First, activate the Smart Tags with the click on the [Tools] and select [AutoCorrect Options] kemudaian select the [Smart Tags]. Make sure the "Label data with smart tags" are tercentang and press [OK]. Go to the Internet and enter the stock symbol in the cell. A small green triangle appears in the lower right corner cell. Navigate the cursor at the top of the Cell, and click the icon that appears and select "Insert refreshable stock price." Select "On a new sheet" to show the quote or quote on the Worksheet, or "Starting at cell" to display the stock price at the cell you are open.

7. Alongside the change

To change the type face or size of all the cell in the spreadsheet at the same time, you click the box in the top left corner.

8. Data sort

You can rearrange the data in the spreadsheet by selecting the box in the top left corner and you click the box. Then you select [Data] [Sort]. In the Sort window, select the fields you want to Order from top to bottom or vice versa.

The first light triks and tips about Excel. Happy Testing.

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