Bandwiht how to maximize the Internet in Windows

It's one thing you need to know, especially for those of you who like to play the Internet. This is about the speed of Bandwidth on the Internet akase you. Basically the system is the windows limit the bandwidth on your internet connection as much as 20% of the total bandwidth that you should be able to maximize the speed of your Internet browser's stable though.

To increase the bandwidth connection to the internet rather fast and stable way you can reduce or deplete the bandwidth limitation is that on Windows we can use a maximum in the existing bandwidth.

Therefore, it is how well you can follow the way below :

1. Click Start
2. Click Run or continue to press the Windows symbol on the keyboard by pressing the E key simultaneously.
3. Then Type gpedit.msc
4. click Ok or press Enter on the Keyboard
5. After that go to the Local Computer Policy
6. Select the menu Administrative Templates
7. Then click Network
8. Once the menu opens select QoS Packet scheduler
9. Then there is the Limit Reservable Bandwidth
10.You change the setting was not configured into Enable
11.Bandwidth Limit on 20% of defaulnya you change a 0
12.If you already click Apply Ok ago
13.Restart your Pc or Notebook.
14.Try you open your browser, compare with the settings before you with the Bandwidth that you have the settings Searched.

Please try the less you can still use additional Plugins. If you are a user you can use the Mozilla Plugins this, for you IE users, you can download this which Plugins IE Plugins but this is only on the support IE7 only.

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