Setting GPRS uses Sim card IM3

For you to use the regular phone as a modem to connect to the Internet network. But that may still have not actually know that there are 2 kinds of settingan use the Sim card in IM3 as a modem for internet.

The most common settings of course IM3 per kb, because this is the beginning of the settings are deliberately provided by Indosat you only enough to fill in the APN: indosatgprs course, we can already connect to the Internet even though we do not fill in username and password. But if you want to try other ways you can take the tips below and do the following:
You fill in exactly as below

username : indosat@durasi
password :indosat@durasi
apn : indosatgprs

So with the above parameters, settingan Internet you will automatically change to time, with the count (last I knew) is Rp 100 per minute. which means Rp 6,000 per hour.

Settings will be much more if you use the maximum Ponsel which already supports GPRS in Ponsel menu, and will also be able to support 3G/hsdpa, because the access speed is very fast and stable.
But with the note, the region where you live is a signal to access 3G/hsdpa / Tower transmitter signal is strong from Indosat.

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didn said...

di tempat saya gak ada sinyal 3g trhee lho...

didin said...

wuih..salah ya.. saya pake IM3 Lumayan lah cuman bisa buka blog sendiri aja..

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