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IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is used to help companies and users to track the use of the handset. If the phone stolen, the handset or the phone company will enter the IMEI number into a computer database company, and then disabling the phone permanently. In fact, if the SIM card is replaced, the phone can not work. Here are some ways to know the IMEI number in the phone :

Open the battery cover on the phone and lift the battery. IMEI number should have been there in a white label under the battery. IMEI number is usually number 15 to 17 digits with no letters or slash marks.

If the IMEI number does not have under you, you can check the system before you manually enter the battery in place ago on your phone, wait some time until the show is on your Sim Card.

You press * # 06 # from your phone keypad, even though not all the same brand mobile phone in this way. Once completed later akan out your IMEI number a number 15 to 17 digits number. Note the number and store in a safe place to be on the alert if the phone is lost or stolen.

You can also check the menu on the phone, if you have a SIM card. Scroll the menu to find the IMEI or SIM ID, select to display the IMEI number.

Few additional tips for you, if you forgot your password on your phone you can also reset the IMEI Number in assistance, but before you first download the software here.

If the software you are downloading the file you run and you enter your IMEI Number in the box that is already disedikan IMEI number when you correct the kelur Number akan lain down in the box to 2. Number that functions as a password reset for you to call on the register.

Please Download the software below :

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