Software for saving ink with the Ink Saver

Would you like to print document much in one day? it is not necessary if there are undecided how to create software to save your printer ink, count count the savings can save you a spendthrift who is always a buy ink. Savings can set our own at will.

So we can scrimp for monthly expenses like ink & print at your heart. Software is suitable for all type printers Injek any trademark, too. Create a want to try, please download it below :
Click Here --> Download link

You must add the type of printer if there are many brands on the ADD>> all future brand / type of printer is recognized in the software process Inksaver.setelah finished intall must enter your code / path had already been in one download insaver.zip

How to enter a code / path but before you Extract zip file to turn off (non aktive) anti-virus you soalnya path is considered to be viruses. Open the path to the menu and select Activate!

File already exist. Overwrite press yes. After that you need not enter a user name or code again, you select Try to stay, because softwre Inksaver tersebit already in the path. Congratulations to work without the burden of headache akan you this month.

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