How to create 3D Textured text in Corel DRAW

This time I will post about the software design that can give the name of Corel Draw, of course you already know what the software on this one. And I will invite you to learn about utuk Tutorial how to create a Vector only use Corel Draw software.
This tutorial will discuss how to create 3D Textured Text in Corel DRAW. Some things that can be done in a way that is different from the version that already exists.

I always explore the effect of all textures and materials in the various programs that I use. I like to make gold, metal, wood, stone, etc. .. Usually I use all types of filters and tricks to get the look right and I usually use a bitmap program like Photoshop. I think that may be fun, but, to try and see if something like this can be done with a vector program like Corel DRAW. Following this tutorial is the result. Let me know what you think.

This step is quite simple and its use, you can generate a very cool effect and you expect. I will demonstrate how to make text "Hot Rocks", or Lava text. All the effects can be achieved by using the files that come with Corel DRAW!

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