Wast ink absorber is full

Have on hand a flashlight and some table napkins or lint-free tissues
Open up the lid of your Printer Canon Pixma MP Series.
The cartridge carriage will move to the left (The position in which you change cartridges)
With the torch look inside the right hand corner at the end of the print head track

At the end of the track are two foam pads about 2cm x 1cm sitting together
Fold the table napkin or heavy lint free tisa good tosue into a pad about 2 cm
With the pad in your right hand and the torch in your left
reach inside the machine with the tissue and
gently press the tissue into the absorber pads (repeat if necesary)
Do not take too long as the printer heads return after a minute or so.
If the printer heads return and you get your hand out in time
just close the lid and open it again and you have more time
when you judge the tissue has absorbed enough ink from the sodden absorbers
and the absorbers are grey looking instead of blackish
swith off the torch and find a place to put the ink-sodden tissue (WPB, Floor File, trash)
close up the lid again and reset the indicator (here's how:)
press "menu"
press in succession "scan - copy - scan"
The indicator window will tell you you are in "service mode"
(you have invaded techie territory )
press the ' >" ( +) key until "NVRAM" displays
press "OK" (you have entered the inner sanctum )
press the ">" key until ABS-M or ABS-P appears on the display
press OK and "1" should appear
press " - " (the minus key) and it should change to "0"
Now you have to reset both pads separately, so you do the other one.
When you have reset both ABS-M and ABS-P, heave a sigh of relief
and press the "STOP" button and the display will be back to normal
and nobody need ever know you have been in the techie zone.
Act innocent -
you have defeated a poor design feature exclusive to Canon designed to impoversih you
you have saved yourself the angst of buying and installing a new printer
you have beaten the system.

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