Two documents showing how Microsoft Word at the same time in the same

What may have the 2 in Microsoft Word document at the same time but in the same column? Certainly a lot of questions like this arise. In addition to be able to see the two documents together in one place or the other columns you can edit the document on the document with each other.
If you want you can try it out please follow the steps as follows:

1. To open two documents that you want to edit and you compare one with the other in Microsoft Word 2003.
2. Select Window> Compare Side by Side With.

3. If the document is already open, then exit 2 akan title files that you open earlier. If not, a dialog box will appear and allow you to select the document to compare.

4. Now the two documents will appear side by side you can see 2 boxes on a document simultaneously.

5. Krusor When you navigate your mouse to the bottom of a document, and other documents that will participate in accordance with krusors down the mouse before you drive.

6. You can compare side-floating tool bar will appear. If you want to remain one of the documents in the original position and only one document that will follow the direction krusor you navigate the mouse, you click the left button on your mouse then only one document that will follow down down as you want

7. Once you are confident enough to edit akan results from one document with that one, you click the close button Side by Side.

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