8 Microsoft Word 2007 Quick Keyboard Shortcut Tips formatting.

Just switch to Microsoft Word 2007 from the previous version, but feel a little less oriented with the toolbar and menu layout?

Well if you must exit from the document before quickly adapted to a new way, here are eight quick easy to use shortcut keys on the keyboard to get the tips going to the simple you can get the time for (learn more)

1 - Using the Keyboard button to make it easier to us in copy or edit in the document.

Rather than use the paste special command from the menu that you have provided, you can just copy the text formatting properties with the keyboard.

I select the following text format that you want to change:

* Press CTRL + Shift + C to copy the format
* Select a text format that you want to change
* Press CTRL + Shift + V to paste text into a format that is selected

2 - How a simple change in font size

Each word gives you a lot of control over the font size used in your document. If you want to change the font size quickly, you can follow the steps below:

Select the font size of text according to your wish.

* To change the font size so large, you press Ctrl + SHIFT +>
* To reduce the font size, press Ctrl + SHIFT + <

To open the Font dialog box, press CTRL + SHIFT + M

Note: the font size is increased or decreased depending on several factors. At small point sizes (12 or below), which changed the size by one point. Between 12 and 72 points, you will step through the available font sizes in the Home tab in the box (12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 36, 48, and 72). The font size and then altered by akan add ten points. You can use this method to reduce the size of a point to a single point or as large as 1638 points.

3 - Changing the Text Case

Never have need to immediately change any posts one of the words or characters?

* Select the text to be changed
* Press Shift + F3 to change the font of the selected text.
* Continue pressing Shift + F3 to cycle through the three case scenarios: ALL CAPS, all lowercase, and title All Cases

Change the text to the top or lower at both the paragraph:

* To change the text that only upper-case (capital letters) CTRL + SHIFT + A
* To change the text of the letter is only a small (small capitals) CTRL + SHIFT + K

4 - Set the Line Spacing

Position the cursor on the line will be assigned a space for placement.

* To change one line space and press CTRL + 1
* Then click on the space ganda line with CTRL + 2
* Set the line width 1.5 distance space space and press CTRL + 5

5 - Exclude space when words underline

By default, Word will underline all the words including spaces. To adjust the sentence is true but does not press the button spaces CTRL + SHIFT + W

6 - Display Properties on the formatting of text or area

If you have entered in the document and you need to show what the format is used both for text or a specific area, press Shift + F1 and click on the text format you want to check.

Word will open the sidebar and displays all the formatting information (font, language, paragraph, indentation, margins, layout, etc.) the selected text or region.

7 - Display Word Count

Although not technically in the formatting, to know the word count of your documents may be required in certain situations formatting you may have.

To see the word count and other information you can CTRL + SHFT + G

8 - Viewing the end of Four Places That is after the edits

If you must see the last-four place you edited, press CTRL + ALT + Z to switch between the four sites last.

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