How to find and repair the damaged files Shortcuts in Windows XP or Vista

One thing is for sure with the computer operating system, has been too long since we installed the first time, must have an issue or "does not work anymore to normal" that cause problems in the registry of more increases.

Then you take the shortcut, such as through a desktop or start menu.

You click the shortcut that has not been used in some time, and likely, he worked as expected or you get "Problem with Shortcut dreaded" warning errors that have caused one of the files or software that can not be completely clear:

So to overcome this problem, you go to the location from which the source files or which can not dihapusnya. Now you wonder, how many files that may be problematic?

For that you can review the files which are problematic, for that you need to examine one by one and click on each shortcut on the desktop or start menu and improve it. But with the manual will take a very long time.

But you need not despair there is still a more easy and simple
And that is you can use a software tool called ShortcutsMan.

ShortcutsMan is a standalone program that does not require installation. To use, simply download, files in the form of winrar you kemudaian Extract the rar file before you can take the new, again without having to install.

Few seconds after running utility ShortcutsMan, a list of all desktop and Start menu will open on the main page on the software.

Now about ShortcutsMan, then automatically appear on the screen will display files-files are damaged see example image below.

To try to improve the fixing of damaged, you can just give a check in the box next to it (you can check at once), and by checking the whole akan save time when cleaning files are corrupted.

The first thing you should do is fix the corrupt files. In the search process on your computer and points to a valid file name (usually with the original file name may have changed or moved into other folders).

For that, select the box next to the files that have been discovered broken (color pink), and then right click and select the option to Shortcuts.

You can also edit and improve their own software directly on the ShortcutsMan with right-click and then select the Edit menu.

ShortcutsMan a great tool to have around to help you clean the system as a whole and complete. Who has the ability to display all the shortcuts on the desktop or under the Start menu in the window is a big time saver. Whether they remain or be deleted. Real simple.

You can download ShortcutsMan click here.

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