How to Turn Windows 7 In Private Blocking On or Off (Internet Explorer)


This will show you how to turn Windows 7 In Private Blocking off, on (auto), or to manual while in a Internet Explorer In Private Browsing window. In Private Blocking is turned on by default.


While in a In Private Browsing window, In Private Blocking helps prevent websites from collecting information about sites you visit. Many webpages use content from websites other than the one you are visiting. These websites are called third-party websites. The content from these third party websites, such as images, maps, or videos, is often provided to the website you are visiting in exchange for information about who is looking at the content. If the third-party website provides content to a large number of the websites you visit, the website owners could develop a profile of your browsing preferences. The profile of your browsing preferences allows the website to do things such as offer you targeted advertisements.

Usually this third party website content is displayed seamlessly, such as in an embedded video, or image. The content appears to originate from the website you originally went to, so you don't know that another website might be able to see where you are surfing. In Private Blocking works by analyzing web content on the webpages you visit. If it sees the same content being used on a number of websites, it will add it to the list to allow or block that content. By default, In Private Blocking will automatically block any website third party content from displaying it detects in at least 10 different websites you visited. You can also set the number of websites you visit that share content before they are put in the list to what you want instead. You also can choose to turn off In Private Blocking, or manually allow or block the listed third party website content.

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