Software restore Canon MP series and Canon IP 6200 Series

How to reset printer Canon MP series actually easy but also difficult, surely many of you have experienced things like that. In fact there are simple and easy, you want to know how, we are simply trying to tips-triks reseter following :

* Make sure your printer in a condition with no cash flow listik (Printer Power cable pull you already) leave a few seconds.
* Once you Plug the power cable to the back post but before you enter in place of paper, then as you press the instructions below :

1. Swicth button stop / reset 2x.
2. Wait until the indicator light shows the number 0 (Zero).
3. Then press the stop / reset 1x.
4. Press power 1x (it will print test 1x).
5. Press button again stop / reset 2x.
6. Press 1x power swicth (test print again).
7. Press stop / reset 3x.
8. Press key swicth power 1x (no process print).
9. Press button stop / reset 4x.
10. Press the power 1x (no process print).
11. After all process is finished turn off the printer and pull the power cable and you're back nyalahkan like to buy a new printer.

On the way I have been trying to own and successfully, but when you try and stay not mean that you have not been successful in luck.

But you need not worry or despair, you can try to pull a software restore, it also has its own way try and the results are not disappointing. If you want to prove yourself, please download the tool's software restore Printer Canon MP Series for the type and IP6210D - IP6220, but for the IP model is I have never tried to own Printer had not found that kind. This software can only be in use on Printer model Canon MP150, MP170 and MP450 and Canon IP6210D, IP6220D, IP2200 and IP1600 only.

Link Download Software restore iP6210D-iP6220 & MP series.

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