How to Install Mikrotik Router Os

Most of you surely already know what the meaning of the Microtik but may also have to know what is the purpose with which I will explain Microtik little sense of what is in the Microtik. Microtik is a Linux-based software that is equipped with features such as complete following NAT, VPN, as a proxy, for the hotspot on the side of the main function is to divide or Bandwidth on the Internet connection speed. Software Microtik this usually often in use in figuring that we can monitor access to each one Pc with the other so that connection speed is running stable and flat.

To Install the Software Microtik you can follow the following steps:

1. Change Bios settings on your computer's boot device choice CD-Room first and then save and restart.

2. Insert the installation CD Loading Mikrotik after the initial installation window appears. Select all the installation packages using the arrow keys and use the mark space [Space Bar], if all you have you can choose to start the install immediately press the letter 'i'.

3. Then press' y 'if you want to maintain the old configuration, if you want to do fresh install press' n', but if the hard disk was completely empty in the sense that no important data, you can proceed directly after the installation is finished selecting software, and will exit the options menu like this:

* Do you want to keep old configuration? [y / n] Y type
* Continue? [y / n] type Y.

4. After the installation is completed then we will have to restart the system, press enter to restart the system. But do not forget to remove the installation CD Mikrotik place the CD-Room.

5. After booting back to the computer system Mikrotik, will have the option to make the system check the disk, press "y".

6. After the login menu will appear:

* Users: admin
* Password: admin (like in the empty can, or even your own content according to your taste is also not a problem).

7. To enter your license code and press "y". Then enter a few times until a prompt for the command line.

For the configuration settings on TPCIP protocol, DNS, Gateway more you can Download Microtik Software 2.9.27 Full License + instructions how to set up.

Note: To Microtik Software License 2.9.27 Full + guide how to extract the settings you must first use the software winrar archive, once to extract the files there are 2 of its Software Microtik in ISO format and how to complete the setting instructions in PDF format.

Microtik for software you use CD-RW and CD-blank chip to burn the files of a certain size Iso.

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