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IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, or can also call on the media / tools to communicate in real time with friends who we met in the virtual world. IRC works like a CB radio, we just need to sentence for sentence what we would like to submit to the opponents to speak with our brokers computer. Intermediaries with the computer we can know what our opponents talk gratitute appear on the screen.

History of IRC was created in the year of completion of'80an media communication between UNIX. When we are communicating between two or more persons are almost at the same time, then at that time will also appear on the screen what we will submit them to us. IRC can also call on the network server is a blessing from users who are connected to the IRC server on the service. IRC network has spread all over the world. Anyone, anywhere, and anytime they are in the practice that took part in the world will participate in the IRC also participate to enliven channels-channels that they already provide.

Many channels-channels in the IRC. To be able to join in the IRC condition is quite simple we just simply enter the username and identity that has been provided in the menu on the IRC / Personalization. If the Username / Nick that we often use, we can register that Nick will I explain later on the end of the line. How do I register Nick and password so that Nick is not easy we used in the capture of others at will.

If you want to try IRC Personalization you can download here. Most of Indonesian people they can join the channels #Pekalongan, #Wiradesa and others to greet or play a quiz for all the questions that have been provided by the normal channels, or also in with a Founder.

For the beginner or the standard you can follow the steps as follows :

All commands beginning with a slash ('/')
First join a server (many servers in the world), for example, /server eu.undernet.org
Select a nick name for example: /nick anak_desa
To see a list of channels, type /list
Join channel, for example, /join #teduh

Download Software Mirc Full version

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My Tabel

List of commands in IRC or Mirc
No Write in the section's What Will Happen This Group
1 /nick surya_kencana Change a nick surya_kencana Nick your name
2 /nickserv register www Nick password you register with www .
3 /nickserv identify www This is the first time must be done where we have our identify nick with password www .
4 /nickserv set passwd www2 Replace Password with the password www2 .
5 /nickserv set kill on Make a nick we can not be used unless the other people we discovered password .
6 /chanserv Sop #channelname add nick Add Sop SOP/AOP/V
7 /chanserv Aop #channelname del Del Aop .
8 /chanserv Sop #channelname del Nick Dell Sop .
9 /msg nick pls unban me at #channel Please Do not Ban Me .
10 /chanserv aop #channelname list Aop List channel is .
11 /mode #channelname +v nick Set Voice .
12 /chanserv sop #channelname list
List soup channel is
13 /chanserv unban #channelname nick Unban me .
14 /chanserv set #channel passwd new-pass-here Change Password Channel
15 /chanserv set #channel topiclock founder The founder can change the topic .
16 /list * game* List of channels with the word game .
17 on 1:part:#:/invite $nick #cyber_virtual Invite join .
18 /notice nick message is so Notice nick .
19 /notice # chan Enter message please Notice chan .
20 /omsg #chan Enter message please Notice Op .
21 /invite nick #channel Invite nick .
22 /kick #channel nick Kick War
23 /kick #channel nick reason Kick Reason .
24 /mode #channelname +b nickname Ban nickname.
25 /mode #channelname -b nickname Unban nickname .
26 /join bizarre Join to the channel after it strange to see if there is a status bag any posts means you can not register in the register Step Create New Channel
27 /chanserv register #badut_edan welcome register with the odd channel password description welcome to the insanity .
28 /chanserv set #surga_dunia keep topic on leave the channel with a strange topic which always have .
29 /chanserv set #teduh ident on require identification before the op to be operator .
30 /chanserv set #grandong topiclock founder only founder who can make a topic. .
31 click 2 times on the channel: change the channel configuration and make the topic .
32 Private on channel then we can not be entered except in the invite .
33 secret on Someone who is in the channel we can not be known by writing / whois nick .
34 limited to XX user create only channel we are able to settled people xx .
35 invite someone who want the same message if it does not invite .

Download Software Mirc Full version

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