How to Install Windows XP using the Flash Disk

Most of the Notebook model is no longer equipped with a CD-Room, surely most of us certainly difficult when the Windows System Notebook broken and we need to install in the back. When and how the notebook does not have a CD-Room facilities, must be difficult to install but if you have a CD-Room external akan certainly not difficult to install.

But this time I will discuss How to Install Windows XP using a disk or removable media that we call the ordinary flash disk. Equipment you must have to make Windows Xp on the flash disk is as follows :

1. Prepare flash disk size 1 Giga.
2. Flash boot you can Download here.
3. Ultra Iso software if you do not have Ultra Iso can be Downloaded here.
4. Software Cd Windows Xp, you can use Cd Windows Xp service pack (SP1, SP2, SP3) what you have

* When everything is complete the first step you need Flash Disk is empty in the sense that are supplied preformatted if the Flash Disk is still have important data you should backup before formatting.
* After that you install the software before flashboot already downloaded on your PC or Notebook the other.
* Enter Installasi Windows Xp CD in your PC or Notebook on CD-Room, and then run the application ultra iso. What is the meaning of the ultra iso: Software to create image files that will be shaped from the iso files from the CD (with Ultra Iso).

Then select the tools menu -> select make cd / dvd image or you can press F8 key on the keyboard, you do not need to check on the options that leave the choice defaul make it click, and then note the iso files in storage, waiting until the process is complete ultra iso.

** After creating a CD Image Windows Xp Iso, the next step you open boot Flash applications on the desktop or starmenu program. Then run & FlashBoot first option and select "Convert BartPE bootable disk to bootable flash."

** Select the location of the source ISO file that you have before I click next.

** Specify the drive USB-HDD / flash you are in a position where eg Drive E click next.

** Finally, specify the format type you should select the options that this "Partition disk (USB-HDD boot mode)", to display the option you uncheck the checkbox under the options "save data on disk (relomatting avoid)."

** Please wait for some time until the process is complete flashboot.
Once the process is finished click Done, click the close button to end.
Eject or safely remove the USB / flash you,

Note : Before you run the flash disk that you have created earlier Notebook bios make sure that you already are on the First Boot Sequence option in the options USB-HDD.

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