An easy way to disable the Recycle Bin Confirmation in Windows 7

Before we first see how to turn off the confirmation window when the Recycle Bin in Windows XP and Windows Vista. Here is an easy way to clean the Registry on the Recycle Bin the same on Windows 7, by using the registry cracks named NirCmd. Registry cracks can mengkosongkan all contents on the Recycle Bin without the rest of the bit.

NirCmd run with the command-line command in the Recycle Bin can be emptied completely. This can also work from the Recycle Bin on the other.

If you want to try it please you can follow the steps as follows:

1. Download first NirCmd here, and you learn the steps that are below it.
2. After you download NirCmd ago Extrack ago Unzip or go to C:\Windows\system32 folder.
3. Download W7-Empty and save to Desktop.
4. Extract the files to a folder, and run the file-blank w7-bin-silent.reg.

This replaces the Empty Recycle Bin command with "NirCmd.exe emptybin" command line. Now, both the sediment from the Recycle Bin right-click menu or from the Tasks pane in the Recycle Bin, should not produce any akan. There is also a cancel Reg available in the zip file on the archive.

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