How to see Svchost.exe in Windows XP

Each instance of the svchost.exe process will be visible in the Task Manager. To find out the list of services hosted by each svchost.exe instance, you can use the console utility Tasklist.exe available in Windows XP Professional Edition.

* Click Start, Run and type CMD
* Type tasklist /SVC> c:\ taskList.txt

TaskList.txt generated contains a list of process, process ID, and their services are running under each process.

Note : The command Tasklist.exe does not apply in Windows XP Home Edition. But you need not worry, you still can use Process Explorer to see this information.

WARNING : There are usually a virus circulating on the internet using the same name is svchost.exe. Legit svchost.exe will be present in every% windir% \ system32 folder.

By using the Process Explorer you can control anywhere you need to alert and direct you to delete the list that you consider suspicious in the system which os you use.

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Astikadharma said...

hai, tanya dong klo processnya di sembunyikan musti gimana ??
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