Use free space on Hard Disk After Installing Windows Vista Service Pack 2

After installing Windows Vista Service Pack 2, you can use the Windows Components (COMPCLN.exe) to remove the archived file. This tool will also remove the files archived after Windows Vista SP1 has implemented. You can utilize more than 1GB of free disk space (if on Vista SP1 File Removal Tool VSP1CLN.EXE is no longer used.) When using the COMPCLN.EXE has been running in a system that has been running VSP1CLN.EXE, the only free space free around 440 MB only.

You can use this software if :

* Your PC is running Windows Vista SP2 running stable, and you do not plan to remove SP1 or SP2 in the future.

* Hard disk free space runs out.

Note : You will not be able to uninstall Windows Vista SP1 or SP2 after running this tool.
Running Windows software component (COMPCLN.exe)

1. Click start, type Compcln.exe and press ENTER
2. Click Continue when you see the User Account Control elevation dialog.
3. Press Y if you see the following message:
This operation will make all service packs and package permanently on this computer. Once you can not remove any packages from the system is cleaned.
Do you want to continue? (Y / N):
Capacity obtained

Before running the tool

After running the tool.

Approximately 440 MB of free disk space on% SystemDrive%.

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Astikadharma said...

wah bahasa ingris ok aku siap
langsung bisa nih USBnya setelah install
hmmm boleh juga buat nambah ilmu makasih ya..

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