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This time I will share experience on Windows Xp, surely most of us often forget about the Auto Security Updates. In fact we do not need to run the auto update Windows especially if we are not original. Why am I posting about a problem auto security update this time, because many cases that often and I had with the friend does not disable Security often at the time of our internet connection we surely Windows will ask for Updates Automatically when it is not accidental and will exit warning Windows Genuine means we will request to reactivate online and how we are when Windows is not genuine? Certainly we will experience problems when the solution is not found, then we would not want to have to re-install our Pc or Notebook, if it does not want to experience things like that should have a good idea to use the original windows, but the expensive price of the original. : D

For that you have good power off the system when you update security internet users. To disable auto updade security and have a relationship with the things that you can follow the following steps :

1. At the time you finish re-install Windows will exit Popup image as a red shield.

Preview picture

2. Then you just click continue and select change the way securrity center allert me.

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3. It will be out the window as new images below, you lose all of the check and press ok.

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4. After you click the menu that Automatic Update, you select options tuns off Automatic Updates click apply and press ok. For the menu you want aktive Firewall or you do not it's the same with the automatic update.

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The first problem we have now signed to stay on the problem does not disable the service we need to do the following : click Star -> Contol panel -> Administrative tolls -> select Service options, or you can use the quick-click way star -> run command type "services.MSc" without the exclamation ago enter or ok, then exit the new service (local). If you use standard or extended menu all the same but I prefer to use the standard menu that I select.

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Service that we do not need is :

* Automatic Updates you click the right and properties, then there is the starup type 3 selection automatic, manual and disable,you select the options to disable ago apply press stop then press ok. See the picture below.
Preview picture

Preview picture

* Error Reporting Service, is the same as the above.
* Help and Support. If necessary there is no need.
* Security Center, which is the same as above.
* Wireless Zero Configuration,
If you can not use Hot Spots online (Wifi) you can disable the menu but when you practice you should only leave the option on the automatic stay.

But there are security problems in addition to other things you must do to avoid this problem, namely that of the other Viruses that spread of virus does not act like you are willing should also Turn off System Restore the system restore with the Virus will proliferate through the drive that you are on the System Volume Information . To disable system restore is as : -> click the star -> Control panel -> click System -> then click the options you check the followsSystem Restore Turn off system restore on all drives. But you must remember the position of the Hard Disk must be in circumstances when aktive all want hadr on the system restore disk you may want to disable the system restore.
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