Spedy problems that often hang or disconnect yourself

Lately a lot of cases about Speedy who often hangs or disconnect itself when used for browsing. Certain period of time but that does not often occur in about 20 minutes. Actually the case has been going, so I do not take issue with a headache like that. But as of late has been the case of popularity would grow again forced me not posting.

In fact I was not actually know what it's going. After asking some friends to the location of the problem appeared to be on the registry must be changed even there we should also delete. There are two ways to overcome things like that, this way :

1. By using a Registry Path, but how this should be avoided if your computer more than one (in the sense of sharing a network / network is used) for use with the way this will cripple the system on the network that result in your computer you can not retrieve the data for sharing of computer with each other.
2. With the change in your registy manually in this way is very safe and not at risk. Do the following :

click Start -> Run command type "Regedit" without quotes and press Enter or click Ok.
After the search with the appropriate name regisrty listed below :

* HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Ole -> EnableDCOM -> change in the value of the string Y into N. Change the way you hold the right click options select modify or double click on the name EnableDCOM.
* HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\NetBT\Parameters -> TransportBindName -> remove the string. How to remove the name TransportBindName right click and hold the menu select delete.

After following the steps No.2 Pc or Notebook should restart in the first before you use the internet.

When you have cases such as above you please try the above is how I try all the way and the path manually.

Note : Before I knew how to step No.2 I always use the steps in the No.1, but I do not take the way home before I get to first on a computer has (which is using the computer), if only one computer connected in network or any other computer that is connected to the other network. Suppose as Warnet, Office, School, agency or institution that uses the network, when only one I do without using the time to remove the No.1 does not take too long, stay open registry path speedy double Click icon and press the restart is complete yes . But after I know how to step with the No.2, I will take the way when there is damage yabg similar things on regisrty, to search for a more secure and is not dangerous when we will be running a later time.

All risk and responsibility for the result of your own. Regard

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