Delapp.bat type of Virus or Spyware

More and more problems with viruses and spyware, which is always on the computer we used, after a few days not online because of the computer that I can use with the virus and there are also other so busy that had not so for the blog and also the computer that can I use. So I have not had time to identify the types of viruses and spyware that are lodged on the computer that I can use to make the event blog, just know this I personally have not so anyone can use this computer.

While I was online but only a little that is just the post and reply to incoming messages on the community and I shoutmix blogs that I follow. That is eating loading / long process to go on the blog or website you respond to the message, so for that you have to leave a message for you and feel that I have not had time to visit, I apologize as a result there is little technical interference. Finally I decided to try using a portable Cd replacement system that can onlie os briefly with the risk of spread of the more severe virus on your Hard Disk that I forgot at that time separated.

Ok we start any time, this new day I have free time so I can correct for the computer is virus fell ill for the type of Virus or Spyware that are lodged whether the computer at this time. By using the friends who made the computer system and Hard disk I made the slave to do the initial scan that I have first update anti-virus that will be used, after a search that takes a little longer finally discovered the name of the type of virus and spyware which nest in the system hard disk me. For this type of virus is only a kind of virus that could have been a lot of that is outstanding w32/virut.gen and the like and for the type of spyware is also common, but I meet with the new name of this type of one that is : delapp.bat. Is he a kind of virus or spyware, if the grade of this type of list in the order named.

With all kinds of anti-virus any name is still not lost. Before using the computer friend I already try to use online scanning facilities, but access to the web that provide online scan was rejected by the server that provides the facility, may have been a lot of viruses and spayware the nest in the system and is almost too severe.

That little experience that I experienced about a virus or spyware Delapp.bat it ? If viewed from the back of extensi *.bat certainly is a kind of virus but apalah want these types of viruses or spyware that it's important never to attend again, the road had only just Re-install the windows also have been especially severe many programs that extensi .Exe lost due to viruses involved earlier. So, for you should be wary if it does not want to experience like that.

Use anti-virus that you trust, but should always be up to date anti-virus that you can use in order to identify the type of virus that roam like in the virtual world (Internet).

The first time this info for those of you who have experienced things like this and already have a solution can be expected to submit a comment in order to share each other and exchange information among members of a community blog or web site in the entire world.


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