Error NTLDR or is missing corrupt NTDETECT.COM

How the error NTLDR / NTDETECT.COM is missing corrupt in Windows XP

Sure you have, or even often find cases like this, either on your own, a computer owned by a friend, relative or even the property of customers (Users) in the place you work well alone and individuals (frilen). To overcome such problems there are several ways without having to reinstall we?

Want to know how, for that you can follow the tips triks following:

1. If you use a partition using the FAT 32 is the type:

* Perform booting using a Win98 floppy starup after that copy the file NTLDR or NTDETECT.COM
from the i386 directory to the main drive (root) C:\

2. When you use the NTFS partition using the type's how:

Insert the Windows XP CD and booting from the CD.
* At the time shown R = Repair option first, press R.

* Press the number corresponding to the location of the Windows installation that you want to regenerate the appropriate.
* Usually, # 1

* Enter the administrator password if needed but if you feel there is no password continue.
* Enter a command like this, where X: is the address of the CD ROM drive you (Adjust with the driver CD-Room you!).
* Then type: COPY X:\i386\NTLDR C\:

* So also is this, type: COPY X:\i386\NTDETECT.COM C:\
* If the copy is already running smoothly, remove the CD and type EXIT. Reboot your Computer.

Hopefully this can triks tips useful for you, all the causes and consequences are certainly the beginning of origin (source of the problem). If it is not over how useful or otherwise, please give feedback and suggestions that criticism can be useful in order to share knowledge. Criticisms and suggestions I will learn more in order to correct the error location.

Thank you for the work samanya me say many thanks.

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