Hack Adobe Acrobat Reader without Plug_ins

This time I will share about the Adobe Acrobat Reader software, most of us would prefer to choose to use Foxit Reader software instead of using the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Likewise with me once more like to use Foxit Reader for opening the pdf-formatted document that is faster and easier to use Foxit Reader instead of using the Adobe Acrobat Reader, but now I prefer to use Adobe Acrobat Reader software than with Foxit Reader, the idea to overcome process for how an application performance using Abode Acrobat Reader software can open a pdf file format we can open quickly as we open the document such as MS-Word, Wordpad and Notepad without having to wait too long.

ant to know how, follow the steps below :

Open Windows Explorer how to double-click My computer icon (by way of using the keyboard press Windows + E symbols at the same time) ==> then click on drive C for a program files -> Adobe -> Acrobat Reader -> Reader -> you please delete the plug_ins folder plug_ins or if you still need one day can you save by clicking the right mouse button select the options to cut or keyboard press Ctrl + X at the same time and save on another HD partition suppose drive D.

Why should we Plug_ins folder to delete or our store with the plug_ins the Adobe Acrobat Reader which we will run more slowly when we run the software. If you do not believe you try to compare it before you try the above tips triks with the persistence of these plug_ins you open the Acrobat Reader application and then close again after it eliminated plug_ins and reopen the application Acrobat Reader. After that feel the difference with and without plug_ins the plug_ins.

So if you are loyal fans Adobe Acrobat Reader software, you no longer need to fear the problem like that again.

Ok so first of tips and triks on Hack using Adobe Acrobat Reader software.


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