Protect your computer with Software Lock My PC

This time I will postting about Lock My PC software, uses and benefits of this software is easy to use, very accurate to lock your computer from colleagues who did not request permission in advance for you to use a personal computer. So you feel safe When your computer is running even in circumstances will you stay there the rest or other needs, how to open the software for the disables (including Ctrl + Alt + Del, mouse, locks CD / DVD ROM, and Screen lock).

No one can access your system without providing the correct Password to another person (unless the person knows will code the password you use).

Advantages and existing facilities of the software Lock My PC is :

Quick and safe computer lock by hot key, or mouse click
Autolock when computer is idle
Correct Ctrl+Alt+Del lock
Bulletproof startup lock (couldn't be bypassed in safe mode)
Different installation mode
setup for home or corporate use
ROM doors lock
Multi? user support
Multimonitor support
Auto turnoff when computer is locked for a long time
Blind password option
Stealth mode
Windows XP x64 compatibility
Custom lock screens
Cycling lock screen images
Screen saving effects
Lock screen transparency
you can view movies under the locked screen
Password protected settings, quit and uninstall
Command line options
and many more

Another benefits of Lock My PC in comare with Windows lock feature :

Custom lock screens and transparent lock screen options
Your computer can be used as a presentation machine
The screen displays pictures or video, but nobody can touch your computer;
Secure Lock before Windows welcome/logon screen;
Displaying unsuccesfull unlock attempts
you will be notified if anyone tried to unlock your computer;
If Lock My PC is used in muilti-user mode, a supervisor can unlock the computer without closing user session;
You can lock CD/DVD ROM doors along with the desktop, keyboard and mouse
this can prevent CD media from being stolen while you are out;
Command line support allows you to use Lock My PC in Internet kiosks.

Link Download Lock My Pc ===>

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