Easy Disk Drive Safeguard v3.21

Easy Disk Drive Safeguard is a software to Protect the Password that you can use to hide and lock on the local drive (Hard Disk), Network Systems (Networking), Floppy and USB drives (Flash disk) and disable the autorun feature when you plug drivers or we install. When you hide or lock your drives, then this software is hidden or not the detection of software on windows such as : Windows Explorer, Outlook Express, Microsoft Office and other applications. You can disable the autorun feature for specific drives or according to your needs. If you want to disable the autorun feature on certain drive types, you can access it fairly easily, for example, disable the autorun feature for any type connected to the USB port, for all CD / DVD drives, for all RAM drive or for all removable drives (HDD external, Flash disks, etc.)
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The design of this program is very simple and easy to understand, let alone all of the features already available to live your settings you want. Run the application will display the view that only contains the boxes with drive settings that represent individual drives and the toolbar is used to apply the changes. All you need to do is click on the checkboxes with settings and after you are finished press the keys you are going to check. If desired, you can apply password protection to programs to prevent unauthorized users using your computer. This software can be run only under an administrator account, which means that users will not be allowed to uninstall the application. This software is very good, easy to understand in a short time especially for beginners.

Finally please you learn myself if I explain in more detail will take a long time.

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