TweakNow RegCleaner Pro 4.6.1

Registry is the Registry, the platform operating system Microsoft Windows 32-bit, is a data base organized hierarchically which contains information about the configuration of a system, starting from the configuration of hardware, software, file extension association with application to user preferences. Contains information that controls how your Windows appears and how to behave. Most applications today use registry to store configuration and other important data. When you install an application, the new registry entries will be created. This entry is automatically deleted when you uninstall the application. Unfortunately, not always work the way you imagine if you had to uninstall the application you want to delete but not total berseih. Sometimes you still find that some applications fail to remove the registry entry in the application itself. This entry will be a block on the performance of our system.
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New in v4.6.1

• Very common : very fast in TuneUp Added module.
• Registry Cleaner : Invalid default icon is added to certain sections.
• Track Cleaner : Added support for FireFox c3.5.
• May to repair the hard and overcome the problem of bugs.
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