How to change my Facebook background ?

A slick trick that allows you to change your Facebook background color appearance

Question :

Rick asks: I would like to change My Facebook background.Not sure it’s possible as all Facebook profiles layout look similar to me. Any clues?

Answer :

I have addressed this issue in my post on how to modify your (Facebook background colors). One of Facebook’s key features is the uniformly clean and non cluttered UI that makes the application easy on the eye, and thus, i believe that chances we will be able to customize the background layout color scheme of our Facebook is low. What we can do, is to leverage Mozilla Firefox, Greasemonkey and the Facebook Auto-Colorizer script in order to display custom backgrounds for all Facebook profiles and photo albums we browse. The pages color scheme is built dynamically in order to match the photos displayed in the page.

Important note: This trick will only work only when you access Facebook from a Mozilla Firefox browser with Greasemonkey and the Auto-Colorizer scripts installed.

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