Is it possible to modify the Facebook background layout ?

Facebook tweak: How to Modify the background color of your Facebook profile?

While answering a few questions over at Yahoo Answers, I came across a considerable number of Facebook users who are looking for ways to accomplish one of the coolest Facebook tricks : to modify their profile layout. Unlike MySpace, Facebook doesn’t allow you to insert custom html codes to modify your profile. This is one of the features that makes Facebook so unique. Everyone has the same looking page pretty much which lowers loading times and is much easier to use and navigate.

Nevertheless, if you use Firefox as your web browser if not i strongly recommend you to download and start using it, you can leverage Greasemonkey and other custom JavaScript Facebook scripts in order to modify the color scheme of your Facebook layout. Greasemonkey is a Mozilla Firefox addin that lets you modify the way your Firefox pages look and run.

After you install Firefox and Greasemonkey, you can leverage the Facebook Auto Colorizer script, in order to have your profile color scheme changing based on your photo.

Please note that this hack will work only on PCs which have either Firefox, Greasemonkey and the Auto-Colorizer script installed, and won’t work when accessing Facebook through Internet Explorer.

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