Messenger Detect V3.07 Final

This software is very useful to detect and record all conversations that use the applications like: MSN, AOL (AIM), Yahoo, Facebook, ICQ, Google Talk Messenger Detect is an application that will monitor and record all chat using MSN, AOL (AIM) chat, Yahoo chat, facebook chat, ICQ chat, and Google Talk web gadget chat automatically and secretly! This is an application used for everything!

Features provided as follows :

Monitor and record all the talk about what is included in the MSN (Live) chat, AOL (AIM) chat (versions prior to 6.x), Yahoo chat, and ICQ chat on your local network automatically.

Upload 100%, Free Unlimited Disk Space, Up to 200 MB per Upload. Immediately register yourself here, for free!

* Monitor and record all the popular web including Facebook chat chat, chat web ICQ2Go, AIM Express web chat, Google Talk web gadget chat, MSN web messenger chat, Yahoo chat web messenger, MySpace chat, web chat meebo.com, and eBuddy.com web chat.
* Run as NT service, starting automatically when Windows we run. No need to open
Messenger Detect and keep running to monitor the chat.
* Support logging MSN contact online status.
* No need to install any client software on the target computer, and works quietly without being noticed by the old target your chat. (if your network devices support port mirroring feature or you have a hub on the LAN.
* Support upload chat logs via FTP and email.
* Very easy to use and understandable for you to detect and record very simply.
* Recoding options - you can choose the IP you who do not want to record the conversation.
* Access to content and chat log settings that have been protected with a password.
* Record almost all contents of chats including Instant messages with color and font, emotion icons etc., and was recorded in HTML format.
* Chats are automatically saved as the same format as the original.
* Look at the chat logs easily and efficiently.
* Edit (delete) log directly in Messenger detect.
* Set your favorite color. 15 color themes provided!
* Date time stamp is added on every recorded message is generated.
* Type of chat is a brand in the log as MSN / Yahoo / AOL / ICQ ...

Supported OS: Windows All

Download Messenger Detect V3.07 Final===>

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